Day 44: Prophesy of the Ex-girlfriend

07 March 2017
ThinTallTony’s prophesy comes to life in a space of hours.
prophesy Collage

Shortly after the first ninja’s visit into the BBNaija House, Efe and ThinTallTony sat down in the closet area to discuss the seemingly developing issues between Efe and Debie-Rise. With most of the conversation starting and ending in innuendos it was clear that the guys had spotted some strange behaviour from Debie-Rise.

To end off their little chat ThinTallTony teased Efe that if things continued the way they have been, he shouldn’t be surprised if Debie-Rise sang “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was HOT like me” at his wedding to Marvis.

Was TTT on some Nostradamus tip? Because barely two hours after he made his comments, Debie-Rise armed herself with her guitar and started singing to the sleeping Housemates in the lounge and when she got to Efe; the prophesy was fulfilled as she strummed and sang the words directly to Efe.

34 prophesy 004 pre

Efe got up from the lounge area and went to sit with Marvis outside in the garden, and guess who followed him outside, Debie-Rise. She didn’t let off and kept singing the same song over and over to the make-believe couple. The lyrics to “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me” kept being sung by Debie-Rise as she sat on Efe’s lap and kept trying to kiss him with Marvis looking on.

34 prophesy8 004 pre

34 prophesy6

Are the Housemates still keeping in character or are they pushing their character roles a little too far? Only time will tell as we wait for the wedding plans to be concluded.

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