Day 43: ThinTallTony retains HoH title

06 March 2017
He picked the Golden Egg out of the box.
HoH 14

ThinTallTony must have some lucky streak! He retained his HoH position during the game of finding the Golden Egg and as Biggie said, it was a game of chance.

This makes it the second time in a row he’s won the HoH tittle, as he won last week where they first had to guess a number, then inflated and popped balloons.

For this week’s Task, the Housemates had to first pick numbers from a hat and proceed to pick an egg out of a box, in the order that they picked the numbers.

Each time a Housemate failed to pick the Golden Egg, they had to smash the egg they had picked on their head

“If a Housemate refuses to break an egg on their head, they will be disqualified,” Biggie warned the Housemates.

Bally was up first and upon failing to pick the Golden Egg at his first attempt, he had to smash the egg he had picked on his head.  Next up was Efe, who also failed to pick the Golden Egg and after the first round, all the Housemates had egg residue on their heads.

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Two more rounds of attempting to pick the Golden Egg followed, with some of the Housemates screaming, as they pretended a certain Housemate had picked the Golden Egg. It was only after this that ThinTallTony eventually picked the Golden Egg from the box.

Upon realising he had picked it, he lifted it up in the air, as if to confirm with Biggie and the rest of the Housemates that he had won. The rest of the Housemates congratulated him, with Biggie confirming his victory and also congratulating him too.



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