Day 43: Planning the wedding feast!

06 March 2017
The Housemates are super excited for The Wedding and now Biggie's tasked them preparing the menu.

The preparations for this week's "Perfect, Nigerian, Big Brother Wedding" are already well underway and no celebration is complete without food (and lots of it too!). As such, Biggie asked the Housemates to create an "authentically", Nigerian wedding menu making sure to draw from their diverse cultures and heritage. It's only fitting therefore that Heritage Bank were revealed as the proud sponsors of this Task!

Biggie left a large board and chalk in the Store Room and asked them to list every single ingredient for the banquet. Getting to work immediately, our Housemates went with all the usual suspects from jollof rice, egusi and pounded yam to kola nuts, palm wine, moi moi and even fried fish! TTT suggested, since there were so many ideas, that they organise everything into a "Traditional" and "Dessert" menu. Ever the jokester, Bisola kept describing everything in her signature, exagarrated, accent suggesting "bonono and horinge!" for the dessert platter.

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Have the Housemates got you salivating already? Give us your own suggestions for a tasty, Nigerian, wedding staple after the jump. Please remember to VOTE for the couple you want to see tie the knot in the poll on our homepage.

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