Day 42: Week 6 Recap

05 March 2017
artistic push 23

After a dramatic Eviction Night, where the Housemates were made to believe that Bisola and Bally had been Evicted, alongside Fake Housemates Jon and Ese, the Housemates were left a bit confused.

As if to ‘add salt to the injury’, Biggie informed them that they were all up for Nomination and possible Eviction today.

The next day after the Eviction Night was tense, as they had a lot of unanswered questions, oblivious of the fact that Bisola and Bally were actually watching them from an “island paradise”.

The Housemates couldn’t shake the feeling though that the Sunday Live Evictions were a scam, as they wondered why Bisola and Bally’s pictures were not put up on the wall, alongside all the other Evicted Housemates. Biggie squashed their suspicions, as he had the Ninjas put up Bisola and Bally’s pictures while they were outside busy with a Task.

This week, themed Extreme Art, saw the Housemates doing a lot of Tasks that involved paint. These included paintball, paint volleyball and painting using their bodies, among other activities.

ThinTallTony won the HoH Task, taking over from Kemen and the week’s Tasks started off with Biggie asking them to draw portraits of Biggie. They’ve also had to make sculptures of fellow Housemates. The week got a lot more interesting, as House visitor IK brought back Bisola and Bally into the House and they were welcomed with excitement by their fellow Housemates.

On the visitor’s side, stand-up comedian AY, TV personality IK and RnB singer Banky W were this week’s guests. They all had sound advice for the Housemates and as usual, parting selfies were taken at the sound of the buzzer.

Thursday was a bit of a disappointment for the Housemates, as they lost their 100% Wager because Biggie felt they had not put their all into the Tasks during the week. Bassey came up tops on Friday during the games, choosing Debie-Rise as the Housemate he would share his prize with. There were no surprises there, as the two are pretty much close.  

Biggie pushed the Housemate’s artistic creativity even further on Saturday, as he asked them to create a Wall of Fame, by painting sketches of anything they thought would be fit to go on their wall, provided it was not famous people and monuments.

As usual, the Saturday Night Party was the highlight of the week, as the Housemates danced the night away with DJ Waxxy.


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