Day 42: Moments From After The Party

11 August 2019
The Housemates continued to serve us more Pepper even after the Saturday Night Party ended.

The Beef Continues
The issue between Tacha and Joe has not found a resting place as both parties discussed it with their circle of friends. In Joe’s case, he tabled the matter with Ike, Mike, and Omashola. In their men’s talk, they chatted about how Tacha seem to intimidate everyone in the House. Joe who derives joy provoking Tacha vowed to continue doing so. In a bid to lash out at her, Joe said her lashes were higher than her IQ. Wow, dude.

While Joe was having his talk in the garden, Tacha was venting to Seyi in the Head of House Room about Joe riling her up intentionally. According to her, Joe has heard things about her before coming into the House and has decided to check if they were true. Tacha revealed that she doesn't hate anybody and that she loves everyone in the House equally.

We don’t know where this beef is heading to but we believe it is necessary to advise that they thread with caution or don’t you think?

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Break Up To Make Up

A Saturday Night Party without an after Party drama, is that one a Party? This time, it was from the Icy ship. Before the Party, Mercy and Ike were announced the winners of the Munch It challenge and they continued in their fun mood to the party. After the Party was a different ball game as Ike made the mistake of mentioning the names of two ladies (Roselyn and Daisy) he met before entering the Big Brother Naija House. Mercy took this as an affront and an argument ensued between the pair.
The altercation didn’t last long as they settled their differences and sealed it with a kiss with Ike promising to marry Mercy. The intimacy continued to the bedroom and we wondered if they were about to cross a major bridge in their relationship. Well, our eyes are on them.

1565493888 34 screenshot 2019 08 11 at 2.41.32 am

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