Day 41: Wall of Fame creations quickly take shape

04 March 2017
The Housemates get right into it and start drawing and painting.
artistic push 23

The Iroko tree and gaping mouth sketches were the first sketches that took shape on the Wall of Fame.

Following closely were the palms holding the 50k (kobo) coins and the village huts.

These are just some of the masterpieces that the Housemates came up with for their Wall of Fame Task, where they were required to redesign the Arena wall using paint.

34 rsz artistic push 22 004 pre

The Iroko tree is a large hardwood tree commonly growing in West Africa.  Bisola and Marvis worked on the Iroko tree creation, while HoH ThinTallTony worked solo on the gaping mouth creation.

During the Housemates’ brainstorming session earlier, the Housemates discussed the rationale used in choosing the sketches. Biggie had informed them to think beyond using people and monuments. Explaining the gaping mouth sketch during the discussions, ThinTallTony said, “We came up with the open mouth, depicting how loud some of us can be.”

34 rsz artistic push 21 004 pre

The village huts were part of the timeline idea, which Bally and TBoss thought would represent how Nigeria was a few years ago and how it is today.

The Housemates have had a “colourful” week and with the theme being Extreme Art, the Housemates have had to make a portrait of Biggie, sculptures in honour of a fellow Housemate, as well as painting a picture using their bodies as the “paintbrush”, among other challenges.


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