Day 41: "Fake and flowery"?

05 March 2017
There was no Truth or Dare, licking or kissing tonight. Instead the Housemates decided to make sure nothing was left unsaid when at least one of them gets Evicted tomorrow.

Things got quite heated during the Slumber in Vegas Party with the usual dose of bumping, grinding and dirty dancing on show! It came as no surpirse therefore that things were still on a high when the Housemates returned from the Party Room and gathered around the kitchen table to really get dirty with another round of Truth or Dare. However, TTT had different plans for the night, asking everyone to share something they liked and disliked about another Housemate. Kemen immediately protested, saying it was a bad idea to do this while people were "under the influence" and he wasn't going to take part! He later caved and the confessions starting pouring in.

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Unlike past iterations of the game however, people kept things quite light and positive and also seemed to go for Housemates that they already had close bonds with. TTT opened up about meeting Bisola before he came into the House and revealed that he was a bit star-struck being a huge fan of her work. He described her as a warm and loving person that he'd gotten very close to during his stay. Marvis complemented TBoss on her beauty before saying she shouldn't be too hard on herself when she actually a person who excels at most things. TBoss didn't look too impressed with Marvis for pointing her flaws.

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TBoss then spoke fondly of her new best buddy, Debie-Rise, calling her a beautiful person with a "soothing voice" that "made her cry". She ended off by saying that she didn't actually hate anything about her and loved that she could confide in her. Bisola got irritated after waiting a long time for her turn to speak and stormed off to the bedroom despite the protests of the other Housemates. It was quite sudden and unexpected.

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Efe was probably the only one who came close to calling someone out when he urged TTT to be more blunt and direct about his feelings torward people instead of trying to be "diplomatic". Uriel later agreed with this calling most of the confessions "fake" and "flowery" before lamenting about how boring and disunited the House had become.

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Could it be that the Housemates are overanalyzing and are too worried about rubbing the voting public the wrong way? Share your thoughts with us below. 

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