Day 40: Efe thwarted as Bassey shines.

04 March 2017
The Housemates had a visit from AY and then they crawled around on all fours before their Friday Night PayPorte Arena Games.
Night Games Bassey 45 seconds

The Housemates were glum this morning after their Wager loss the night before and they needed a pick-me-up pretty badly. Biggie is never one to disappoint and the Housemates were surprised by another famous face. This time, the mystery guest was stand-up comedian, AY who didn't take long to get the Housemates laughing, He reminded them, as had all the previous guests that they had to keep their eyes on the prize. 

The afternoon's activities included a Bizarre Art Challenge called the Minimie ChinChin "Miniemie Say Yes" Task. The Housemates started off with 100 points and they would lose ten pints each time they said no to a Task. There were safe chairs and the Housemates who didn't win the race to the chairs had to go into the Glass Room and read out specific Tasks for the Housemates to do. It caused mayhem, as the Housemates were then seen crawling around on all fours and crying like a baby, with some having to massage the person in the House with the smelliest feet. Toward the end of the Task, Kemen found Uriel sobbing upstairs as one of the Housemates had called her a coward and she was upset.

With "Miniemie Say Yes" Task finished, TBoss noticed Debie-Rise sitting alone outside playing her guitar while crying. When she asked her what was wrong, she soon found herself in a very interesting conversation. Debie-Rise was upset because of the "disrespectful way some of the Housemates talk to me." She singled out Bally for always talking over her and she said she felt "demeaned" when ThinTallTony, Kemen and Bally all laughed out loud when she said that she "had principles."

Not long afterwards, it was time for the Friday Night PayPorte Arena Games and the expectant ten waited expectantly before Biggie's latest obstacle course. He read the rules and one by one they did their best to beat the highest score set by Efe when he motored through the course in 54 seconds.

34 night game 3 efe 54 seconds 004 pre

Efe looked safe as Marvis, Kemen, TBoss and ThinTallTony came close, but the best was left to almost last when Bassey screamed through the course in an incredible 45 seconds. 

34 night games 7 bassey 45 seconds 009 pre

Later on, after the excitement of the Arena Games, the Housemates relaxed with Kemen and Bally talking about how many people back home open up gyms but don't have the business sense to keep the businesses open. Staying on the topic of knowledge they also both shared what an incredibly enlightening experience it had been for both of them on the show. Kemen also took a bit of time to campaign for votes, saying that he still had a lot of entertaining to do.

Efe, Uriel, Debie-Rise, Marvis, TBoss, Bassey and Kemen are all up for possible Eviction with each wanting to stay in the House, you have the power to help them stay.

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