Day 40: Bassey's turn to shine!

03 March 2017
Efe made a really strong comeback tonight but his reign at the top didn't last long with Bassey setting a new record!

For today's challenge our Housemates had to bounce a small, ping-pong ball off a platform and land it in a glass of water before completing an obstacle course that would see them slip down a giant slide, crawl under a net and then stack tyres in order of their colour. It was clear from the get go that tonight's Games were a test of stamina and with no inclusion of any taxing, mental condundrums like weeks past.

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Uriel kicked things off and seemed to struggled the most with the first challenge which resulted in her posting the slowest time of 03:26. Efe who followed up her attempt blazed through the course completing every obstacle in just 54 seconds to everyone's amazement. TTT, who was the reigning champ failed to best Efe's time and even Marvis posted a quicker time of 01:17 which was also the fastest of any woman for the second week in a row! For a while it seemed like Efe's time was just too good to beat with Debie-Rise, TBoss and Bally posting times over 30 seconds off the pace.

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That was of course until Bassey powered through the course in just 45 seconds leaving everyone speechless! Bisola who followed up his effort clocked in at almost a full minute after that but was nursing an injured knee so Biggie commended her for the effort anyway. That left only Kemen who as far as physique's concerned seemed to be the one best suited to clock a comparable or better time. However, the first task tripped him up and he just couldn't land three balls in time making Bassey tonight's victor and the record holder for the Payporte Arena Game Night! He picked his "best friend", Debie-Rise to share in a luxury treat this Sunday.

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Speaking of Debie-Rise, she's been venting to her new found friend TBoss about people's disrespectful treatment of her. Have a look at the explosive details of their conversation and let us know how you feel about Bassey's victory!

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