Day 4: Reasons, reasons, reasons

26 January 2017
The Housemates give their reasons for who they nominated.
MArvis  replaced with Miyonse

Biggie didn't allow the Housemates to savour their victory for too long before he called in all of the Housmeates to nominate the two people they liked the most based on their campaigns. Each Housemate had 45 seconds to give two names and most didn't hesitate to give up the names of their two favourite Housemates. Each Housemate had two sessions with Biggie, the first was short and sweet where they only had to give up the two names of the people they liked the most with ThinTallTony, Uriel and Efe each getting four votes each. CoCoIce and Bally both received no likes from their fellow Housemates. 

In the end, Biggie asked CoCoIce, Kemen, Bally, Tboss and Miyonse to stand up and informed them that they had been nominated however, as Head of House, Uriel was told she could save and replace one of the Housemates. In true dramatic fashion, she finally chose Miyonse to save and replaced her with a visibly shocked Marvis. 

The second Diary Session, however was not short and sweet, with all the Housemates, having extended stays in the Diary Room as they unpacked their feelings for Biggie and explained whose campaign imressed them the most and who impressed them the least.  One by one, the Housemates came back into the Diary Room to give their reasons for choosing who they chose and he also asked them about whose campaign impressed them the most and whose the least. Most were impressed by ThinTallTony's exposure of his thin tall body as part of his campaign and everybody understood why he had taken off his clothing showing everyone that that was who he was and that was what he had to offer. Kemen received the most nominations for somebody that the Housemates would have put up for eviction as a few of them felt that his campaign didn't grab them. 

None of the Housemates envied Uriel the decision that she had to make and all understood that it wasn't anything personal. Marvis was understandably elated to have been given a lifeline however, Bally was a bit hurt that Uriel hadn't chosen him to save but fully understood that Uriel had been put in an impossible place and most felt she handled her responsibility well. Marvis seemed to be okay with what happened, even saying that she felt goodd that she hadn't been nominated initially. 

34 bally nomination reasons 004 pre

When quizzed on who they would have saved and replaced if they had been in Uriel's shoes, most gave excellent reasons for their particular choice. It bacame clear that certain Housmates were more popular than others. The most common reason that was given for each Housemate liking another was thatthey were funny and also intelligent. Soma, however, when asked why he would have saved TBoss and replaced her with pone of the guys, his reason he gave was "I don't see the girls as much competition." Will that strategy get him far in the game? TBoss said that she would have saved Miyonse "because he's my boo."

It was a fitting ending to such an emotional day where the Housemates excelled in their wager Task. It was certainly a joly for most of teh Housemates, some being more affected than others, with Uriel predictably being the most emotional, however, Gifty appeared short of breath and struggled with her nominations as she allowed her emotions to get the better of her. Was she being influenced by Uriel's 

34 gifty nominations 004 pre

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