Day 39: The Housemates lose again.

03 March 2017
The Housemates Wagered 100% and lost as Biggie said they had not put their all into the Extreme Art Task Presentation.
Sculpture TTT

This week's theme has been Extreme Art and Biggie set the Housemates a host of challenges that would stretch their artistic creativity. The afternoon was spent putting the finishing touches to their sculptures.

The tension was rising as the Housemates knew that they had bet the full allotted 100% for their Wager and they wanted to get their Presentation right. Biggie's Diary Sessions were insightful as to the mood in the House. With Debie-Rise noting that the tension was because of the Wager, Biggie asked the Housemates what they would do if they were Evicted, Uriel quipped "If her name is called to be Evicted the ninjas will have to carry her out in bed sheets." Biggie carried on with his questions and asked them which Housemate they would choose to save and why, the Housemates were generous in their praise for the Housemate they chose. Marvis chose Kemen and Kemen chose Marvis as their obvious admiration of each other continued unabated. Marvis said that she would like her fans to Vote for Kemen if she wasn't up for Nomination as whe said he had a strong character." 

Biggie also asked what they would do first when they got back to normal life if they were Evicted. All said they would first go home and hug their families and see their friends, but most said they would also get straight to work, Debie-Rise also told Biggie that she didn't like the way that ThinTallTony spoke to her and she would take it up with him personally if it was to happen again. 

Not long after the Housemates had their Diary Sessions, they were glamming themselves up for the evening's Extreme Art Task Presentation where their 100% Wager was up for grabs. Had they done enough during the week with all of their Tasks and Presentations?

Biggie summoned the fashionistas into the Arena and they were each asked to explain their Body Painting picture and then to explain their sculptures and who it was for. Firstly, the teams took turns to explain their team paintings with Efe and Debie-Rise's painting drawing praise from Biggie, they said it was "about the struggle to success." After the paintings, the nervous Housemates were asked to explain their sculptures and ThinTallTony's amazing sculpture of Bally really stood out. TTT then called Bally a "perfect gentleman." Bally made a crown for Gifty as did Debie-Rise, recalling how they shared a onesie and were called Gibie. Marvis made a piece showing off Bisola's curves.


Biggie commended the Housemates on their efforts however he informed the nervous Housemates that they had lost their Wager, as Biggie felt that they had not put their all into the Tasks during the week.Downhearted, they trudged out of the Arena and went back into the House, Biggie announced that the "Store Room is now open," and they found photographs from the Portrait Task day. The conversation soon took a turn toward the more raunchy side with the women versus the men in their steamy stories. 

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