Day 39: Is Debie-Rise feeling a little insecure?

02 March 2017
Uriel gives her a bit of sisterly advice.
Uriel advises Debie 2

Uriel spent the better part of the mid-morning advising a rather timid Debie-Rise on how to assert herself more in the House.

The two sat in the kitchen and discussed the numerous instances where Debie-Rise had to defend her point while discussing various issues with the other Housemates. Uriel advised her not to brush it off, should a Housemate make her feel uncomfortable during discussion.

“If we’re all together and you feel attacked, maybe you can respond by saying, ‘um listen, why do you like doing this in front of everybody?’ Say it in front of everybody. It will mean ‘don’t mess with me,” she advised.

She also pointed out how several other Housemates tend to “roll their eyes” at Debie-Rise’s comment, every time there’s a discussion in the House. “Honestly, I’ve rolled my eyes at you a couple of times. I remember the time we had a guest, I can’t remember who it was right now, but I remember that you asked the guest if you could bring your guitar and I thought to myself, “Oh God, this girl again with her guitar!” However, I went back to the bedroom and asked myself why I did that because I knew it was wrong. I respect your hustle,” she added.

Debie-Rise agreed that she too had noticed some of the Housemates’ reactions from time to time, saying these reactions had made her hold back a bit. Uriel was quick to remind her that she should always keep her eye on the prize.

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“This House isn’t set up for you to be comfortable. There are many times where I’ve felt alone in this House. You must never allow anybody to put you down,” she added.

What is Uriel playing at? She’s found herself caught between Debi-Rise and Bassey, as she’s got a lot closer to the latter, yet Bassey’s feelings for Debie-Rise run deep. Is Uriel genuinely concerned about Debie-Rise or is she trying to get as much ammunition to play the game as best as she can? We can only but wait and see how this will play out.                


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