Day 38: Touching Base

07 March 2018
Biggie touches base with the Housemates about their new Task.

With the new week in full swing, Biggie decided to chat to the Housemates about their new Task, in the process he unearthed some interesting information regarding rising tensions.

Global Warming

This week is all about conservation and environmental awareness so of course Biggie decided to ask about the hot topic up for debate tomorrow - Global Warming. While some had very interesting stances like self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist Teddy A, other were extremely passionate and educated on the topic like Lolu. However, it was a shock to hear that many of the Housemates had no clue what Global Warming even was, both Nina and Alex blatantly admitted that they had never even thought about it.


Many of the Housemates used Biggie's talk about the Task as a vehicle for their other frustrations. Of course there was Cee-C and Alex venting about one another and then of course Nina had a full rant about her petty fight with Miracle over, you guessed it, food. Leo was not in high spirits at all, stating that he was completely exhausted from the Heritage Bank Task already and it has basically only just begun. His team was having monumental difficulty completing the treasure hunt at this stage, thankfully Anto saved the day. Bambam also told Biggie that she feels an immense friction in the House and that not many of the Housemates aside from Rico and Teddy A are even happy for her HoH win.

Watered Down

Another topic discussed in today's sessions was the water rationing and how some Housemates had not taken to it very well. Anto shared her shock at the fact that she grew up in America and she happened to be used to this while her fellow Housemates, who had been brought up in Nigeria were the ones who had the biggest issues with it. All in all though it seems that each day, the Housemates are adapting and growing used to this. Many of them admitting that this challenge has really made them more conscious about wasting water and how littler of it you need to live.

Props to Biggie for putting an end to cognitive dissonance, or trying at least.

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