Day 38: Iron sharpens iron

01 March 2017
Just as the Diary sessions were going on, the Housemates convened in the lounge motivated by the words from IK’s visit earlier.

Just as the Diary Sessions were winding down, the Housemates convened in the lounge motivated by the words from IK’s visit earlier.

In a typical round table manner, the Housemates decided to take Ik’s advice about planning their futures ahead not based on the winnings from the competition, but calling on their strengths, talents and passion to create unique career path for themselves.

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The aim of the round table was very simple, each Housemate will discuss their individual career paths and objectives with the House, and the remaining Housemates get to give constructive criticisms and advice on how to better improve or fine tune their respective career paths in order to maximize the platform that Big Brother Naija has afforded them.

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The Housemates all took turns sharing their career objectives and it was refreshing to see that they all took the advices from each other in their stride, committed to improving themselves and each other.

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Even though it is a competition, and there can only be one winner, it is clear that every single one of the Housemates on the BBNaija show is already a winner, and as the popular saying goes “only iron can sharpen iron”.

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