Day 37: The Priceless Babies

06 August 2019
What looks like an egg to you is a cherished baby in the arms of the Pepper Dem Housemates.

Following the division of the Housemates into two teams in the House, Big Brother has given each team member a responsibility – to take care of their eggs like a responsible parent.

A Game Of Responsibility

This week in the Big Brother House is about ‘Acts of Kindness’ and ‘Fun’. But before all of that, Biggie had a Task for them. The Housemates were provided with an egg each to nourish and care for. They were to personalize the eggs and care for them like committed parents. Say what Biggie?😨 Big Brother wasn’t done yet as this was their first assignment towards winning or losing their team Wager challenge. Oh, they were also to take care not to break their eggs. For those who thought of replacing their eggs should anything happen to them, here's the gist - the eggs in the kitchen were marked, so it's either they are careful or they go childless. Talk about a very delicate baby.

1565094494 34 screenshot 2019 08 06 at 1.27.01 pm

Doting Parents

While this may sound like a ridiculous Task, the teams are taking it very seriously. From bathing their babies to singing nursery rhymes and feeding their eggs, the Housemates showed us their parental skills. In addition to this, the teammates named their babies, yes you heard right. Names like Omelette, Egg knot, Sugar, Jewel, Blue and Tacha made their debut in this Task. While some of the names sounded okay to the ears, we couldn’t help but wonder if some of the parents were nursing secret intentions to have their babies end up in a pan. We won’t be surprised since there’s likely to be hunger games this week.

1565092473 34 screenshot 2019 08 06 at 9.57.57 am

Keep Your Babies Safe

No one but the Housemates can drum it into their heads the consequences of something bad happening to their eggs. To avoid stories that shatter the hearts, team members were seen carrying their babies everywhere they went. In Venita’s case, she put her egg under the bed! Hmm, what a careful mother.

1565092864 34 screenshot 2019 08 06 at 12.58.05 pm

No matter how careful they think they are, a mishap is lurking in the shadows and we are bidding our time to see whose baby shall be hit first. 

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