Day 36: "It's a scam!"

27 February 2017
The Housemates are torn and confused and can't decide if they're being tricked or now.

The mood in the House today has been decidely mellow since Biggie's surprise, quadruple Eviction! The Housemates were left gutted and reeling after he sent them to the Arena last night and they didn't find anyone waiting for them like they'd expected. In reality, Bisola and Bally haven't left the House at all and instead they're on vacation getting wined and dined while they watch their fellow Housemates on TV.

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In spite of the clever cover-up, Debie-Rise still had her suspicions and sited the fact that there were no pictures hanging on the wall as proof that people were coming back. To put these hopes to rest, Biggie had his Ninjas come into the House this afternoon and hang up the portraits in question. The plan seemed to work. TTT, Uriel, TBoss and Kemen stood in front of the wall staring blankly as the reality that the Eviction might have been real after all started to set in. TBoss in particular seemed overcome with emotion and on the verge of tears.

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What made the whole moment hilarious however was the fact that Bally and Bisola were feasting on ribs and having a blast at that exact moment.

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Uriel and Bassey then had a seat and reiterated once again that Biggie was probably up to something because Bisola was just too "popular" to be out of the running already! Looks like the Housemates not only have a strong intuition but a great understanding of who their competition is too. Now the wait begins to see how they react to Bally and Bisola's return on Wednesday.

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All Housemates are up for Nomination this week. 

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