Day 34: Winter Is Coming

03 August 2019
The Pepper Dem gang lost their Wager this week, which has thrown them deep down into the hunger games.

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What do the Housemates have to say about the famine ahead?

Bring It On!

Just like House Stark in the famous Game of Thrones Series, some members of the Pepper Dem gang are ready for anything that the rainy days will bring forth.

In her Diary session with Biggie, Esther said that even though they lost their Wager, she’s confident that the Housemates will not starve; although, they might find it difficult eating whatever they want to eat whenever they want to eat it.

Ike who told Biggie that his mind always goes blank during Diary moments said the Wager loss brought tears to the eyes of the Housemates. In his words, “winter is coming”.

We can’t wait to see how the shortage of food will unleash drama from the Housemates. Or maybe they’ll go through this trying times together as a team? Well, we have a week to find out.

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The Unprepared Gang

Mike confessed to Biggie that he is preserving his energy as there is no food for the House since they lost their food privilege for the week.

Tacha who found the week to be a mixed grill feels the House is back in week two -  considering the addition of the new Housemates. In addition, she thinks next week will be a hell of a week because of the frustration from the lost Wager.

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Tomorrow will take care of itself but tonight, the Pepper Dem gang are ready to party like there’s no tomorrow.

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