Day 34: TTT moves in on TBoss

25 February 2017
TTT is flirting with TBoss and making his intentions known but it seems like Bisola is in on the game!

It all started during the Dark Shower Task earlier this week when TBoss and TTT shared a shower together after getting drenched in all manner of smelly mess. TBoss decided to take her top off for some reason setting tongues wagging everywhere. It might be safe to say that TTT liked what he saw too because he's been pestering her for affection ever since.

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After getting a little liquor in his system he made the first of many bold moves last night (Day 33) flirting intensely with TBoss while he knelt in the jacuzzi. He pleaded with her to tell him what she thought of her boobs before asking to have another look at them and saying he wanted to "suck on them".

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Shocked by his revelation TBoss immediately walked off blushing and TTT had to call after her and promise to behave. That turned out to be a lie because once she was back the conversation turned to kissing as the resident playboy begged TBoss to make out with him. She refused but settled for a hug instead before playfully stroking his hair.

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Earlier this morning TTT picked up right were he left off hopping into bed with TBoss and tickling her tummy as she giggled and asked him to "go away" but he just wouldn't leave. He started begging for a kiss again,as they lay under the sheets cuddling and even gave her a foot massage. Before long the conversation had gone steamy as he interrogated her about what her weak spots were.

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This all happened in full view of Bisola who not only seemed unphased but even joined in when TBoss started biting TTT. Add to this the fact that Bisola inexplicably declared that she had a "plan" for TBoss yesterday and things start to look fishy. As such, we want to know if you think TTTs latest move is genuine affection or part of Bisola's scheme. Share your thoughts, after the jump!

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