Day 32: Iconic Team Steals The Show

01 August 2019
For putting up an impressive performance, the Iconic team won the back to the 50s stage play presentation.

Based on the quality of their story, play and wardrobe, the Iconic team won the Thursday Night Presentation of the back to the 50s stage play.

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The Reward For Creativity

For their efforts and creativity, the winning group will be rewarded 100 Bet9ja Coins for each member of the group. This means Seyi, Sir Dee, Khafi, Tacha, Frodd and Enkay are smiling all the way to the bank. For Enkay, this is really a rich way to start her journey in the Big Brother Naija House as this is her first win.

A few outstanding performances were also acknowledged by Big Brother. For the beauty of his story and his seamless blend of tenses, Seyi was named the best narrator. Mercy was not left out as Biggie recognised her outfit as the best. All in all, it was a creative night for all the Housemates as they brought their best to the stage. Well done guys👍.

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An Epic Journey Back In Time

Still set in the 50s, Big Brother has given the Housemates another challenge. The Housemates are to spend the better part of tomorrow reliving an epic era. They will be provided with local stoves for cooking, a stone grinder for peppers, pestle and mortar to make pounded yam. This means that they must prepare an elaborate lunch of pounded yam and their choice of local soup. Oh, there is more to this. as the only wardrobe, they are allowed to wear until the Arena Games is – wrappers. Wow, Biggie is really going the extra mile with this challenge.

Another Surprise?

While the Housemates were in the Arena displaying their acting prowess, a new Housemates made her way into the Big Brother Naija House. Cindy the latest crew member in the Pepper Dem gang took a tour around the House and made herself comfortable as she waited for her fellow Housemates. Fast forward to the Housemates return. As soon as they entered the House, we glimpsed the looks on their faces and it was epic. We can't wait to see how the other Housemates will treat Biggie's latest addition in the House.

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The wager judgement has been postponed until tomorrow night. What do you the outcome will be?

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