Day 30: Isolation Room time (Fear of death)

21 February 2017
Today’s Task started off with one of Biggie’s ninjas setting up a numbered circular board in the lounge

Today’s Task started off with one of Biggie’s ninjas setting up a numbered circular board in the lounge. Biggie had earlier asked all the Housemates to move into the garden and shut the door and by the time they were instructed to go back into the lounge everything was set up, Biggie then instructed the Housemates to pick a number out of the bowl the ninja had.

34 timer 004 pre

With their numbers selected, Biggie informed the Housemates what the parameters of the Task would be. All the housemates were expected to wear a blind fold and ear plugs, and were to sit in the isolation room for one hour. This is the order in which this Task was to be performed:

34 isolation3 004 pre

The Housemates had to place their name tags on the circular board beside the numbers they had selected. The board was shaped like a clock with each Housemate’s name signifying a time block, in this case an hour; and the Housemates were to ensure that the clock hand must always point to the name of the Housemate in the isolation room.

34 bb bally 004 pre

Five Housemates have already endured the isolation room ordeal and so far and as the clock keeps ticking down the minutes, what new twists might Big Brother add to the Task?


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