Day 29: The aftermath of Biggie's twist

20 February 2017
All the Housemates are on edge after Biggie nullified all the nominations. Here's how they're coping.

After the Housemates made their Nominations earlier this evening Biggie threw a spanner in the works by playing a video of Kemen and Marvis conspiring to put Ese and Jon up for Evicition. He admonished them and reminded them that this was against the rules before explaining what their punishment would be. Kemen tried his best to protest but was cut off as Biggie's voice boomed through the speakers telling him he'd gotten his first strike! All nominations were also made null and void.

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The mood in the House was quite tense afterward. Debie-Rise felt that everyone had been "warned by example" and the situation was unpredictable. Bisola, who'd won immunity last night (Day 28), was even more upset about what happened. She recounted how she'd been in such a relaxed mood all day but was now sad about potentially getting evicted.

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Jon on the other hand was grinning throughout his session and said he was loving how bent out of shape and stressed everyone was! Uriel completely lost her cool asking why people were conspiring and ruining everything. She seemed to be convinced that SHE was the one people were conspiring to nominate and concluded her session by stating that "the little trust" she had was "completely gone!"

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Marvis was understandably quite somber in her Diary Session. She tried to explain what happened between her and Kemen but Biggie was in no mood to discuss his decision. TTT also tried to vindicate Kemen but also got shot down. Interestingly, Kemen's best mate Bally acknowledged that his friend had messed up but he was quick to point out that he's a good "motivator" nonetheless and will do a good job as HoH. Debie-Rise echoed this sentiment adding that he's very organised so the House was in good hands!


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Bassey was elated about Ice Prince's visit in the morning as was Ese who started gushing and blushing before confessing she had a huge crush on the Hip Hop star. Like many of the ladies she felt the Indomie noodle dish he made for them was delicious and a testament to how humble he is! She did add however that she wasn't getting along with Uriel who she reiterrated was fake and a "backstabber!" The two ladies haven't spoken in days.

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Up next was the man of the hour Kemen who was sullen and on the verge of tears as he expressed how "terrible" he felt for what he'd done particularly because now Marvis had to suffer the consequences too. He pleaded with Biggy to get punished alone to no avail. He ended of his session by saying he hoped people didn't think he was a "rule breaker".

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Efe was the last to go into the Dairy Room and agreed with Biggie that the pouring rain couldn't have come at a better time as it was "washing all their fears and frustrations away!" He said he nominated TBoss because he felt she was manipulative, something he also said to Uriel yesterday (Day 28). Interestingly, TBoss used her Diary Session to ask Biggie to help her do something special for Efe as it is his Birthday on the weekend. Could it be that he's compeltely mistaken about her? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share your own thoughts on Biggie's Nomination twist!  

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