Day 28: Eviction Diaries

19 February 2017
TTT, Marvis and Gifty in the hot seat

A cool, calm and composed TTT opened what could be his last Diary Session with a touch of humour; sharing his hope that this would not be the last time he came to tease Biggie. While he also expressed his thanks for the perks of a haircut that he said made him ‘look like a human again’, he was quick to shoot at Marvis whom he thought would be leaving the House. For TTT, Marvis should go for she lacked girly manners to his liking. He said she was unique in a tomboyish way and rolled with guys very well to the point that she was like ‘another guy’. TTT had not demonstrated any woman-hater tendencies so far, and with a Housemate he said he was getting along with.Who would have seen this backstabbing coming?

Gifty almost crawled into the Diary Room, immediately confessing she was feeling awkward for she did not want to go. Amusingly she also seemed to believe Marvis would be going home yet half-acknowledged that she “must have something special” to have been twice nominated by Housemates. Gifty fondly admitted she had grown comfortable in the House and dreaded returning to the daily grind and hustle of her life.  Until Biggie reassured her that she was a star, Gifty simply believed the world outside didn’t have anything to offer her! Upon hearing Biggie's soothing and encouraging words, Gifty softened up, and in a syrupy-sweet voice said she desired power and fame and wanted Big Brother to help her attain them. Gifty ended by saying that she was “at his service”. 

As for Marvis, she marched to her session humming “Please vote for me guys! There’s still time to vote”. Oozing confidence and equal to her fun self, she told Big Brother she had been herself all through and it’s always enough. Behind her laid-back and approachable attitude, Marvis casually revealed her very selective nature when she disclosed that she had only made a few friends in the House as opposed to TTT for whom friends automatically became family. After all, Marvis is royalty!

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