Day 28: No Veto Power Holder

28 July 2019
For 100 bet9ja coins and the power to ‘Save’ and ‘Replace’, the Pepper Dem gang were challenged to a “blindfold” game – well, except Mike and Frodd who asked to be exempted from the Task.

The Assignment

With their blindfolds on, each Housemate had to take steps to the clown board and carefully place their name tags on the nose of the clown face. Sounds easy?

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You Snooze, You Lose

With Ike starting the challenge and Esther ending it, each participating Housemate failed to reach for the nose of the clown board and along the line, some Housemates got disqualified for flouting Biggie’s rules. Any surprises there?

With every failed step to the board came lost hopes for the rest of the Housemates as the game seemed to get harder to solve.

To end their night in the Arena, an unpleased Biggie announced that no one was deserving of this week’s Veto Power Holder title. In other news, the power to ‘Save’ and ‘Replace’ was stripped off the Housemates.

Better luck next week, Housemates.

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