Day 27: Denim and Debauchery

18 February 2017
Just when we thought things couldn't get any wilder the Housemates turned up the heat several notches.

Everyone started getting ready for the big party a good two hours before it was meant to start, a clear sign that they were excited for what awaited them. They were already on a high after they got brand new clothes from our sponsors Payporte earlier in the evening. Dj Snypes was on the ones and twos blasting Naija classics as the Housemates shuffled in looking excited.

Ese kicked things off dutty winding and twerking like no one was watching and all the boys literally ran up and swarmed around her. It was a great ice breaker too and soon Uriel, Jon, Bassey and Kemen had joined her on the dance floor. The tempo started picking up and even TBoss got up and started dancing. Bisola and TTT were completely infatuated with each other and they locked lips in what was the first of many passionate kisses to come that night.

Kemen seemed to forget all about his promise to TBoss and spent most of the party making out and dirty dancing with several of the ladies in the House starting with Ese, then Gifty, Marvis and even Debie-Rise. TBoss seemed pretty unphased and the two of them only spoke once during the party. Perhaps this means his professions of affection are fluff or maybe he's just tired of getting shot down all the time. We'll see once the alcohol wears off.

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Marvis was also on fire tonight humping on the dancefloor with TTT and even simulating a blow job with Kemen before making out with him! There were several moments when Efe looked on, shaking his head side to side in what seemed like disbelief and disappointment in what his main love interest was doing. 

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Any suspicions of hard feelings were laid to rest however when "Marfe" danced and shared their own kiss on the dancefloor a little while later.

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With so much love going around Debie-Rise decided to get in on the action, moving in to kiss Bassey who she'd been dancing with for most of the night. Things didn't work out as planned though with Bassey turning his head away and dodging her smooch as Dj Snype wrapped his set. Ouch! Looks like he only has eyes for TBoss.

We rounded up all the most epic moments from the party and condensed them into a bite sized video clip for your veiwing pleasure. Have a look and let us know what your favourite moment was.

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