Day 26: Groovy and Phyna have their first fight– BBNaija

19 August 2022
The two fight and make up within an hour.
Phyna and Groovy fight

Today, Groovy and Phyna moved from feeding each other earlier in the Living Room to butting heads over some Task shenanigans. The two Level 2 Housemates have spent enough time together that people have officially placed them on a ship that sailed long ago. They had not defined their relationship, and Groovy was heard saying the things they get up to in front of people are things he would usually do in private. 

After their Thursday brand Task, Groovy left the Arena frustrated over how Phyna was behaving in the Arena. According to Groovy, Phyna was Hermes' biggest cheerleader, making him uncomfortable. According to him, he felt like Phyna was disrespectful. 

When he attempted to get some acknowledgment from Phyna, she walked away, adding fuel to the fire. 

When Phyna realised how things had escalated with Groovy as he continued to complain to Bryann, Phyna attempted to apologise. Unfortunately, Groovy was very adamant, adding, "this whole thing you are doing with Hermes I don't get." Groovy assured Phyna that he would never do that to her, supporting someone else during a competition. He made an example with Chomzy, saying he would never cheer on Chomzy when he needed to support her. 

"As your friend, boyfriend, or Level member," Groovy continues, he believes he should support him no matter what. He gave her a choice and asked her to pick a side, then walked away from her. 

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As they made their way to the Pool Party, Phyna grabbed a drink and proceeded into the Pool by herself. Groovy went to Daniella to complain about how he felt before going to Phyna to reassure her that they are okay. He told Phyna that he accepted her apology. 

Soon after that, the two kissed and made up in the Pool and they lived happily ever after. 

Does this fight mean the two are an official couple?

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