Day 26: Counting Grains of Rice

26 July 2019
The Housemates won their wager last night but Biggie still had a punishment for them.

Big Brother was not impressed with their debate at the Thursday Night Presentation and the punishment was to count a large bowl of rice😵

1564164455 34 screenshot 2019 07 26 at 2.43.41 pm

The Difficult Decision

While they may have won their wager, like unruly and nonchalant students they were still punished. Big Brother asked the Pepper Dem crew to select four Housemates that will serve the punishment on behalf of the rest. That moment when everyone is looking at each other like- who will bell the cat?

Khafi, Nelson, Seyi and Diane volunteered to be punished on behalf of others. If they had known what Biggie had in store for them, would they have freely offered themselves?

1564164240 34 screenshot 2019 07 26 at 3.46.50 pm

One By One

The punishment Biggie gave the volunteers was to count the rice grains in a large bowl and divide it equally into four smaller bowls. We were sure that as soon as the four Housemates heard this, the thoughts on their minds were- shift let us faint.

Think of a Herculean Task and this grain punishment is the perfect example. What about the rest of the House? Well, Biggie gave strict instruction that the other Housemates should not contribute in any manner. Talk about being on your own (OYO)

We don't know what Biggie is up to yet but on second thought, maybe there's a reward of Bet9ja Coins attached to this? We just have to be very patient to see this through. Meanwhile, to the 'rice pickers,' we say "well done😆.

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