Day 25: No more alcohol!

16 February 2017
Housemates argue over the alcohol that went missing last night.
Bisola Bassy argument 2

Bally’s scheme of having a few bottles of alcohol hidden away from the rest of the Housemates certainly ruffled up a few feathers.

Bisola seemed the most irked by this and she went in, guns blazing and all for Bally and Efe, who seemingly knew more about the missing bottles of alcohol than they were willing to admit.

This all started when the Housemates discussed how some of the Housemates got more drinks than others. It quickly went from just a discussion to a full blown argument. “From now onwards, we be drinking water,” Bisola yelled.

34 bisola bassy argument 1

Her argument seemed to be based on the fact that some Housemates got more drinks than others. "This is my first drink,” she said.

Bally’s decided to hide a few bottles of alcohol last night, after Biggie gave the Housemates a crate of Legend stout, as soon as they finished rehearsing their musical production. It was Biggie’s way of rewarding the Housemates for the hard work they had put in so far for this week’s Task.

Bally wasn’t the only culprit in on the plan to hide the alcohol, as Efe assisted him to hide the bottles under the kitchen table last night. 

While Bisola and Bassy were arguing, ThinTallTony pitched in, adding that if Biggie gave them alcohol, it should have his name labelled on it.

The argument was ended by the sound of the buzzer, which prompted the Housemates to once again get into character for today’s “Catch The Egg” game. Biggie had the Housemates dressed in chicken and egg outfits and had the chickens chasing and catching the eggs, further sitting on them until they heard the buzzer again.

34 chicken run 3

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