Day 24: The Troupe takes five

15 February 2017
The Housemates seemed hell bent on putting up a great show for Biggie and all the fans watching and their final stage rehearsals in the Arena mirrored their levels of enthusiasm
take 5

The Housemates seemed hell bent on putting up a great show for Biggie and all the fans watching. All their past rehearsals during the week culminated into a final stage rehearsals in the Arena.

Under the able leadership of ThinTallTony, the Housemates assumed their respective roles in the different sections of the musical they had created. Bassey, Debie-Rise, Jon and ThinTallTony were responsible for the music; with the rest of the Housemates all singing and taking up different roles on stage, with the leading role going to TBoss.

34 stage 004 pre

Armed with the catchy tunes they had created much earlier, the final rehearsals seemed to be going well. If that was a yard stick of measurement, then the audience and viewers, who will ultimately judge the final stage play, will be thoroughly pleased.

34 stage4 004 pre

Winning this Wager Task has been paramount in the minds of all the housemates as evident in their actions all through the week so far, and Biggie seemed impressed with the amount of work the Housemates had put in so far; so much so that at the end of the rehearsals, a crate of Legend stout was sent into the store room as some sort of reward.

34 legend 004 pre

The final Task Presentation will start at 7pm WAT on Thursday and the viewers will have an opportunity to join the action and to award accolades to deserving cast members. So Thursday night's Presentation is one that can not be missed.


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