Day 24: Pre Task Presentation Diary session

15 February 2017
Shortly after Banky W completed his visit to the Big Brother House, Big Brother kicked off this evenings Diary session
diary pic

Shortly after Banky W completed his visit to the Big Brother House, Big Brother kicked off this evenings Diary session by calling Bisola into the Diary Room

Biggie had a series of blanket question for all the Housemates and most of the questions elicited a lot of smiles and sometimes blushy responses. Here’s what they Housemates had to say.

Bisola felt Biggie’s guests, though welcome, were a bit of a distraction to ensure they do not complete their Wager Task. She also admitted to Biggie that she had a conversation with TBoss about feeling ‘some typa way’ just to check if she was the only one feeling like that.

Bally felt everybody was very committed to completing the Wager Task, and admitted that if they all worked a bit more on the Task, albeit late into the night, that would ensure they were ready for the Task Presentation tomorrow.

Marvis confided in Biggie that she felt closest to Kemen, with ThinTallTony, Bisola and Efe a very close second. She said she felt the general mood in the House has been busy with everyone focused on completing their Tasks.

ThinTallTony admitted to Big Brother that he and Bisola shared a special bond, though he was quick to add that he was still very focused on the main aim, which is keeping his eye on the prize. He also said that he felt the kissing festival may have lost its novelty.

Jon admitted to Biggie that he felt he was losing the plot a bit as he was moving at a slow pace in achieveing his primary objective in the BBNaija House. Biggie admonished him to stay focused and proceeded to give him two new secret Tasks:

1. Break up with TBoss and start flirting with another Housemate. 2. Steal something from TBoss and place it in the store room for Biggie to keep.

Ese felt a bit sad at losing her voice which meant her hyena laugh wasn’t as loud as before anymore. After Biggie had advised her on how to preserve her voice, she was given two new secret Tasks:

1. Steal Debie-Rise’s guitar and stash it the the Store room. 2. Disturb and potentially break up every romantic pairings in the House. She said she loved her new Tasks, and was willing to start with Gifty and Bally.

Gifty said she wasn’t really feeling the kissing festival, but only did it because the girls had botched the surprise they were supposed to present to the guys. She felt Ese’s leadership was not good and if she could Evict two Housemates with immediate effect, it would be Bisola and Ese. She also said she didn’t like Biggie’s surprise guest Banky W, as she felt he was proud and full of himself.

TBoss admitted to feeling moody today, though she couldn’t explain why; though she admitted to being very anxious about the Task presentation tomorrow. She also said kissing Jon didn’t feel as good as she had hoped, but was quick to add that that might have been because everybody was watching them; so she was willing to kiss him again.

Kemen said the mood in the House was generally great as everybody was focused on the Task at hand, and they were all putting in extra effort to ensure that they win their Wager Task tomorrow. He said he believed Uriel was really into him and the feeling was mutual, as she seemed to understand his every nuance and tick.

Efe felt the kissing festival was dead in the water and a waste of time. Felt he really appreciated the visit of Biggie’s surprise guest Banky W based on the fact that he is a self made artiste and entrepreneur, and his advise really resonated with him from an artiste’s perspective. He also said he liked HoH Ese’s leadership style as she was a little bit more assertive than he was; he was also impressed with her balance of being a Housemate and the Head of House.

Uriel confided in Biggie that she was disgusted with the kissing festival, and that she only saw Kemen as her brother and nothing more. She also admitted to being very attracted to Bassey but he wasn’t taking the bait, even though she intentionally flirted with him from time to time. She also told Biggie that she believes ThinTallTony and Gifty really enjoy kissing each other.

Debie-Rise felt reinvigorated by Banky W’s visit. She added that her multi diverse talents set her apart from all the other Housemates, though she tried to fade to the background from time to time so as not to appear as a show off. She also confided to Biggie that she liked Bassey the most as they connected on many levels, hence he was the first Housemate she has kissed.

Bassey admitted that though the rules of the kissing festival yesterday was to kiss two Housemates, he ended up kissing three people; Debie-Rise, Ese and Bisola though he was quick to add that he preferred kissing Debie-Rise the most as she was a willing learner. He also added that all the Housemates seemed to be playing it safe with regards to love and relationship issues.


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