Day 23: Mr Nigeria surprises the Housemates

14 February 2017
The Housemates were treated to a visit from none other than Emmanuel Ikubese, Mr Nigeria
Mister Nigeria 1

The ladies in the House were treated to a lovely early morning breakfast and flowers from the guys who went to work in the litchen to make the ladies feel special. They were in for another huge surprise as the House mates were treated to a special guest in the form of Mister Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese. The Housemates are overwhelmed by this surprise guest, he aid jokingly "Marvis, Big Brother says I must give you a nice massage." He gave a delighted Marvis a huge hug while the ladies fel over themselves to show him around the House. 

34 mister nigeria marvis 004 pre

"I think whether or not you win, it's a platform." Mister Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese tells the Housemates that he had tried a few times to get into Biggie's House. He chatted to them when over a bowl of Garri about wanting to do Big Brother instead of Mister Nigeria but that he never got chosen. He then decided to enter Mister Nigeria and how his career had taken off after his win, with many doors opening up to him. He explained that the platform that they are now on is amazing and he reminded them that not only Nigeria was watching but the rest of Africa too. 

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Emmanuel explained his journey to getting into acting which came out of his music career as a DJ. He took some questions from the Housemates and discussed what his favourite sports were and Bassey asked him how he handled sudden fame to which he dished out some sage advice, starting off with "Do not see yourself as bigger than you are." He added that they should concentrate on educating themselves so that they could have something to fall back on.

Unfortunately his time in the House was all too short and he sadly had to say his goodbyes, posing with all of the Housemates. 

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