Day 23: You have the power!

14 February 2017
You, the public, will determine this week's Thursday Musical Presentation winners!

Yesterday, Biggie gave the Housemates a lot of raw materials with which to create musical instruments. The theme for this week is Make Noise and Biggie informed the Housemates today that not only would the teams have to create their own musical composition from their home-made instrumennts, but they would also have to create three Major Musicals. 

Head of House, Ese read out the latest task whereby they were told that they had to perform the following:

1) Traditional Nigerian Music,

2) Modern Nigerian Hip Hop and

3) Any style of your own choice. 

The theme for their musicals was "Make Money" and Housemates were told to use any instruments in the house including the ones they made for the week's Task.

What's interesting this week however, is that Big Brother has decided that YOU, the viewer, can determine the winner of Thursday's night's Presentation. You can choose your favourite Team by voting on our online Poll. Yep, that's right, Biggie is trusting you to choose who the best performers are this Thursday!

The Teams are as folows: ThinTallTony's team consists of Bally, Uriel and Ese. Bisola's team has TBoss, Efe and Bassey in it and Jon's team consists of Gifty, Marvis, Debie-rise and Kemen. Biggie expects big things from each team and they will be judged on their performance as well as their appearance. Biggie always expects that the Housemates give their all in all taks and this one is no different. Tune into the show this Thursday evening at 9pm WAT. 

Big Brother Naija is on DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Plus on Channel 29. Big Brother Naija is sponsored by PayPorte, your preferred online retail store.

Voting lines are still open! Gifty, ThinTallTony and Marvis are up for possible Eviction this Sunday. Vote for your favourite on WeChat (follow the AfricaMagicTV account) and SMS - text the word "VOTE" and your Housemate's name to 32052

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