Day 23: Love poem recitals

14 February 2017
Biggie has decided to give the Housemates a platform to show their lyrical dexterity in writing poems

Valentine’s day is about love and doing special things for your loved ones or a special someone, and Biggie has decided to give the Housemates a platform to show their lyrical dexterity in writing poems that they will read to their fellow Housemates and possibly a special Housemate of their choice.

But in true fashion, Biggie has included two clauses in this poem recitals, the Housemates get two different key words picked out of two different word groups, and they have just 10 minutes to create their poems.

Uriel's two words were Bad breath and Bedazzled and she recited her poem to Kemen amidst loud cheers. Kemen returned the favour by forming his poems with the words Trash and Tantalizing.

34 kemu 004 pre

Up next was Bally, inspired by the words Lazy and Kissable, he directed his poems to Gifty; and when it was her turn, she used the words Luscious and Dumb in a poem that got him getting up to kiss her on the cheeks.

34 bag 004 pre

Marvis picked the words Superior and Love buds, and channeled her inner Shakespeare to woo Efe. the warri boy had picked the words Ravishing and Talkative, and he used them in a pidgin english poem that got the house roaring with laughter.

34 mae 004 pre

ThinTallTony had picked the words Fantasy and Annoying; and with some flair delivered his poem to Bisola; who returned the favour by wooing him using the words Heartless and In love.

34 bitt 004 pre

TBoss had picked the words Passionate and Snoring and she overlooked all the Housemates and directed her poem to Evicted Housemate Miyonse. Jon's turn came and he decided to woo TBoss with his Faust-like delivery of his poem inspired by the words Stinking and Flower.

34 jonboss 003 pre

Debie-Rise had chosen the words Desire and envious and she looked Bassey straigh in the eye as she recited her poems to him. Bassey called on all his flair as he dazzled Debie-Rise and everyone in the House with his emotion laden poem using the words Stingy and Attractive.

34 bad 004 pre

HoH Ese decided to recite her poem to all the guys in the House and she employed the words Breathtaking and Rhythmless.

34 queen 004 pre


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