Day 23: Housemates bare it all

14 February 2017
Tonight's Diary session was both interesting and revealing
diary sturvs

The Diary Sessions this evening started with Bassey and Biggie wasted no time in quizzing him about the general mood in the House and how he felt about not being Nominated this week. Bassey's response was simple "I feel humbled by not being Nominated, and I feel people are warming up to my personality now".

Debie-Rise felt a bit upset at Efe and his hot and cold tendencies towards her, and felt the need to have a chat to him about it sooner rather than later.

Uriel had a mouthful to say about her perception of Kemen being two-faced and untrustworthy. She also took swipes at TBoss for hoarding Jon all to herself. She borderline admitted that she kind of fancied Jon for herself too. She feared Debie-Rise as she percieved her as a big threat.

Efe's trust issues reared it's head again as he admitted that he trusted no one. He said he saw himself as a very loyal person, and felt Debie-Rise was a bit too clingy to him, which was rubbing him off the wrong way.

TBoss confided to Biggie that she felt Efe was the strongest Housemate and one to watch, followed closely by Bisola, though she admitted that there was NO trust amongst the Housemates. She also quibbed that there was some cold shoulder treatment from Bisola and Marvis after HoH Ese saved her and swapped her with Marvis.

Kemen believes Uriel is the most focused Housemate and he veilled his admittance of attraction to her; he also admitted he was hoping to spend some quality time with her tonight and try to woo her again by telling her some truths.

Gifty blushed to Biggie as she admitted she kind of fancied Jon. She even admitted that she would have preferred Jon as her date tonight rather than Bally. She also admitted to being a bit anxious about the coming Live Evictions show on sunday.

Ese said she liked TBoss and ThinTallTony, but found Gifty a little too annoying, and might have to give her a piece of her mind sooner rather than later.

Jon felt his plan was going according to plan, as the Housemates already percieved him as a cool guy. Phase one complete; and now he felt it was time to switch it up and start ruffling some feathers. 

ThinTallTony admitted to have a soft spot for Bisola because they got along like a house on fire. His focus was more on completing the Task at hand first, and then get some dancing in before bedtime.

Marvis said even though she trusted a few people in the House, Kemen was on top of her trust list.She said ThinTallTony and Bisola might be heading for romanceville and that she felt the attention and affection from Efe, though the feeling wasn't entirely mutual.

Bally admitted to Big brother that he felt Bisola and ThinTallTony were the strongest Housemates in the BBNaija House, and that was his reason for Nominating them two weeks in a row. he also said he felt TBoss had found a replacement for Miyonse in Jon.

Bisola said even though she was wowed by the guys bringing them breakfast in bed, the general mood for everyone in the House today has been task oreintated, as they didn't want to lose their 100% wager, though she was looking forward to the kissing festival tonight if the other Housemates were still up for it.


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