Day 21: A wild and sexy night!

12 February 2017
Looks like some of our Housemates aren't as coy and timid as they seemed to be.

It's been three weeks since Big Brother Naija kicked off and it seems our Housemates have finally let go of all their inhibitions. That they were drinking an insane amount of alcohol and playing Truth or Dare again probably helped ease the nerves too. CoCoIce was probably the one who came out of her shell the most giving the #BBNaija audience and eyefull when she pulled out her boob for Bassey to suck on!

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Gifty gave ThinTallTony the same treat before making out with Bally. However all of that paled in comparison to what she did to him next!

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Yes, Gifty went there and it was immediately clear that unlike the Housemate's first stab at the game there was a lot more kissing, licking and touching coming our way. Even TBoss and Uriel who are typically reserved joined in on the fun this time. The former dared Bally to kiss her butt, something he gladly complied with and she greatly enjoyed.


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She then made out with Efe while Uriel also got in on the fun locking lips with Bassey!

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TBoss didn't however make out with Kemen despite his best efforts to woo her, something that seemed to cut him deep. He didn't get any love from anyone else either (for a second week in a row) with the exception of a brief lap dance from Gifty. It didn't go unnoticed either and he's been trending on Twitter since the brutal curve!

He retreated to the bedroom where he found comfort in Debie-Rise' arms and the two cuddled and whispered softly to each other until they fell asleep. Could it be that Kemen has finally found his match?

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Another person looking for a little love and affection last night was Marvis who came onto Efe telling him in no uncertain terms that she'd been holding back for a long time and wanted to go all the way! Efe hugged her and tried to remind her that while he loved her too they had to keep their head in the game. Could this be the new Big Brother couple or did Efe's kiss with TBoss make her feel she was losing him. Watch their full exchange below and let us know what your own favourite moment was after the jump.

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