Day 21: Laughing the nerves away

12 February 2017
There were no fights or temper tantrums today. The Housemates found other ways to channel all the angst!
bassey w

The madness and debauchery of last night's party seemed to be a distant memory for our nominees who sat down and started getting their hair done looking decidedly sullen. Perhaps they were still defeated after last night's antics which went on til five AM this morning.

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They definitely loved the finished look however.

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The Housemates then played cards and it wasn't long until they were joking and poking fun at each other again. At this point Bisola channelled all the nervous energy into a hilarious, mock meltdown. She ran around the lounge, fake weeping and embracing everyone she was going to miss if she was Evicted.

Then came another jam session. Debie-Rise bust out her guitar and the Housemates literally started composing a song about their anxiety. "I'm feeling tempted. Don't need to feel rejected. Don't wanna be evicted!" they sang in chorus as Debie-Rise strummed away. Even Gifty who doesn't often sing added a verse!

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Tonight, another Housemates heads home. The votes are in, the lines are closed and now the long and painful wait begins. Did you do enough to keep Bassey, Bisola, CoCoIce, Debie-Rise or Gifty in the House? We'll find out soon when the live show kicks off at 19:00 WAT.

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