Day 21: All settled in and ready to dance

13 February 2017
With CoCoIce Evicted from the big Brother House at the just concluded Live Evictions Show, and the introduction of two new Housemates
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With CoCoIce Evicted from the Big Brother House during the Live Eviction Show, and the introduction of two new Housemates, albeit fake ones, the mood in the House was almost business as usual. Seems the Housemates have quickly gotten over the fact that CoCoIce is no longer around.

The entire House gathered around the dining table for what has quickly become their favorite past time, a game of WHOT. It seemed like the perfect way to indoctrinate the new Housemates into the BBNaija fold and the new guys took to their fellow Housemates like ducks to a water pond.

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Ese quickly got stuck into her game plan of annoying the other Housemates and this was shriekingly obvious in her high pitched laughter, and the side glances she got every time she let one loose.

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Jon on the other hand seemed to play it cool and appear calculating, seemingly taking in all the unique personalities of the other Housemates.

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With a very eventful day behind them now, and the possibilities of new Tasks and nominations coming up tomorrow evening, coupled with the fact that a new Head of House Task looms in their immediate futures, it will be interesting to see what other curve balls Biggie has in store for the Housemates. 


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