Day 20: Tuoyo Takes it All Off

20 July 2019
The ‘Pepper Dem’ Gang resident stripper Tuoyo, stripped emotionally bare last night as he cried us a river and we were shook.
<p>Tuoyo stripped bare</p>

Tuoyo, our care-free, resident part-time stripper was Nominated for possible Eviction this week. He had not really showed despair until last night when he finished last at the Arena Games coupled with a warning from Biggie. He really wanted that win and subconsciously he probably wanted to make his mark in Biggie’s House should this be his last week. This explains why fun Tuoyo became teary Tuoyo real quick (that and his scary “clown” make-up 💀, WTH was going on there, we would NOT invite him to a child’s birthday party that’s for sure). 

Total side note: what is with all the tears this Season? 🙆

It took the entire village and a cigarette (which hurt Diane’s ego, but girl give the man his moment, it’s not about you right now 💁) to eventually calm him down. Omashola the wise told him that the Arena Games are not the main focus but the Big Brother game should be his focus. What Omoshola missed is that Tuoyo’s tears are because no one knows what Sunday will bring and it could be game over for him.

After crying a river he felt better and we hope his mood improves because what’s a Saturday Night Party without Tuoyo bringing his sexy moves? It’s not a party.

Emotionally Bare

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