Day 2: Uriel's Birthday Blues

24 January 2017
While Uriel performed in the Diary Room, Biggie sent Bisola to the Party Room to start Uriel's surprise party and Biggie sets a new Task
birthday cace uriel

Uriel had an eventful day which began at midnight with the Housemates raucously singing Happy birthday to her. However, she woke up in a mood which was not lost on some, and it was fitting that Biggie sent Bisola to the party room to do his bidding. He gave her a secret Task to do when Uriel went into the Diary Room for her daily confessional with Biggie. Bisola had to go and get everything that was in the Party Room and take it into the House where there was alcohol and more cake for Uriel's birthday party.

Uriel had had an emotional day and was crying her heart out in the Diary Room saying that she had the "Birthday Blues"and that Kemen had upset her earlier. She disconsolately walked back to the House where she was completely surprised by the party that Biggie and the Housemates had set up for her. Her mood changed immediately, dancing and singing along with her fellow Housemates. The cake was cut and shared and the drink flowed as she forgot her sadness for a while and finally enjoyed herself.

34 uriel birthday cake day 2 3 004 pre

In the middle of all the celebrations, Biggie called Uriel back to the Diary Room as she was Head of House and Biggie had a new Task for the Housemates. Biggie set them a new Task to work in their pairs to compose a new song in a traditional Nigerian language of their choice. One partner would have to sing the song in Nigerian while the other one would have to translate it into English. Afterwards they would also have to sing it in the translated English with no Pigeon english allowed. To add further pressure on Uriel, Biggie said that she was in charge of the latest Task to ensure that everything ran smoothly.    

With such a rollercoaster of a day, how will Uriel handle the rest of the week as Head of House, will she be able to keep her emotions at bay and survive the week as she appeared, at times, to not be able to handle all the pressure in the House. 

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