Day 2: Dancing and singing the tears away

24 January 2017
The day began with a song and ended with a game of Ayo
Ayo TTT and Marvis 2

Uriel spent most of her birthday in a bad mood and spent most of her Diary Session crying and complaining to Biggie that she had the "Birthday Blues." She is fast becoming the resident Big Brother Drama Queen. Her mood soon changed when she came out of her Diary Session and walked into a surprise party thrown for her by Biggie and the Housemates where she got her wish for a party and more alcohol and cake.

Biggie set the Housemates a new Task, to compose an song in any of the many traditional Nigerian languages showcasing their pride to be Nigerian. One of them had to sing their song in the Nigerian language and then the other partner would translate it into English and sing it in English. Biggie was extremely impressed with all of the Housemates efforts and rewarded them with a point toward their wager. Bisola shone with her beautiful voice and emotive and stirring words "my land, my pride, my Nigeria" which drew warm applause. Every one of the Housemates used their creativity to the fullest extent and they were justly rewarded by an impressed Biggie. 

34 kemen and bisola sing 004 pre

Fitness guru Kemen then led Bisola and others in an exercise session in the garden while Miyonse and TBoss flirted in the kitchen while cleaning the dishes, as Bisola had predicted in her Diary Session to Biggie earlier.

34 tboss and miyonse flirt 004 pre

Efe and ThinTallTony chatted for a while upstairs in the bedroom until Efe fell asleep. Marvis soon joined ThinTalltony for a game of Ayo and soon they were joined by Bisola and Soma as they talked long into the early hours of the morning. 

34 bisola contemplates while efe sleeps 004 pre

With the Housemates still feeling each other out Biggie asked a few of the Housemates if they trusted anyone in the House yet, Miyonse bluntly said "No-one can be trusted." Biggie also wanted to find out if there was any romance in the House with Bisola saying that she felt that Miyonse and TBoss' flirtation was only on the surface but thaqt Soma was drawn to Gifty and that was one to watch.

With some of the Housemates excercising so late into the night, will they be tired again for the early morning fitness session and with 100% at stake, will they continue to do well in their Tasks? One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment inside Biggie's House.   


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