Day 19: Biggie cracks the whip

10 February 2017
With Biggie cracking his authoritarian whip today, Bassey was in a somber mood today.
Bassey contemplates

With Biggie cracking his authoritarian whip today, Bassey was in a somber mood today. He spent some time sitting next to Uriel on the couch outside next to the jacuzzi. After a while, Uriel and he  started chatting and he opened up to her about what it was that people were Nominating him for. Uriel was very revealing in her reply, giving us a brief glimpse into how she was playing the game. 

When Bassey told Uriel that he was mystified as to why people would Vote for huim she said, "It is because of who you are why people are so intimidated by you."She carried on to say that "you blended so well into the House in the second week imagine what you can do inside two months!" In other words, because he was engaging in the House he was perceived as an instant threat, just like Debie-Rise is. She also added that appearance wise he looked great and that he could go far in the House. 

Bassey wanted to know from Uriel what it was that people said about him in their Diary Sessions with Biggie and she replied that they had all been saying what a nice person he (and of course she added that she was too) was and that he could go far in the game. Uriel pointed out that what upset her in the house was when ThinTallTony farted on her clothes and used dirty hands to pick up food aboutr to be cooked. HE obviously felt bad about having upset Guifty and especially TBoss yesterday with his outburst as he had apologised personally to both lasies explaining that it was not personal, they underrstood this and accepted his apology saying that there was no need for an apology. It seemed as if Sunday's Eviction show was weighing heavily upon his mind. 

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