Day 18: The Reign of Fire and Thunder

18 July 2019
Esther's no-nonsense demeanour hasn't gone unnoticed.

With great power comes great responsibility and ever since being crowned the Head of House, Esther hasn’t been the one to shy away from wielding power no matter the responsibility. The young lawyer and part-time hustler who had given us heads up about keeping it real and bringing fire and thunder to the House is clearly a lady of her words.

The Heat from Day One

Right from day one, Esther gave us a slight dose of the fire and thunder as she refused to take things lying low when Mike ate her food. It was in this moment we realized she wasn’t the one to play with or be taken for granted. Fierce as she might seem, she showed her passion for standing up for worthy a cause as she stood up to Thelma for referring to individuals experiencing Down Syndrome with an inappropriate name.

The Ice Box Heart.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Frodd had the first taste of Esther’s tough demeanour as he had his romantic proposition turned down leaving him in tears. A relationship that has remained strained with both parties unforgiving of each other. Frodd refusing to make peace since the rejection and Esther refusing to see eye to eye with him for talking behind her back.

The Iron Ruler

Esther winning the Head of House marked the beginning of the reign of Fire and Thunder. Unlike Jeff and Nelson who tried a more diplomatic approach, Esther took the no-nonsense approach as she took the reins of the House and steered it in the direction she deemed befitting of a Big Brother House. Her lack of patience for nonsense and distractions was quite evident as she looked and Tacha and said “… We’ve heard you, Mercy you will now be in charge of the kitchen.” She made this decisive decision when Tacha was about to make a mountain out of the kitchen duties. The other Housemates had a dose of the Iron Ruler’s wrath as she shouted at them for being a clog in the wheel of the Task execution. Even with her recent soft spot for Nelson, she doesn’t hesitate to rebuke him for making attempts to pull her wig off.

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Although Esther has shown her fierce nature since day one, the question is, did becoming HoH amplify no-nonsense demeanour or the spotlight the position put on her makes it noticeable? 

Watch Esther's Journey So Far 

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