Day 18: Frodd’s Unbreakable Heart

18 July 2019
Frodd's heart is not giving up despite all the challenges it had to endure.

Frodd’s heart has had an overwhelming week in Biggie’s House, the week started at tatashe and has risen to atarodo hot. Through it all, his heart keeps beating for his queen, Esther.

‘I didn’t come here looking for a relationship’ – Esther

In the garden, Esther and Frodd had their talk. When he poured out his heart to her, her response didn't sit well with him. After letting him know that he wasn't interested in a relationship, he couldn’t control the tears streaming down his cheeks.  

‘Frodd is a very emotional person’ – Esther

After the night of tears, Ebuka (the President of the Table Shakers Association) replayed Frodd’s heartbreak on live television in front of the House and Africa, gasps. After re-living the tears, in order to cement her position, Esther told Ebuka that, “Frodd is a very emotional person”. If you’re counting with us, that’s two rejections (one with a lot of tears and one in front of all of Africa) but Frodd’s heart continued to beat for Esther.

'Please HoH, we need spray starch'  -– Frodd 

While ironing earlier today, Frodd asked Esther, his queen, his HoH to please request spray starch. The queen quickly shut him down when she told him to ask Biggie in his Diary Session. Frodd, like a sad toddler, backed down. It was very heartbreaking to watch.

‘I can’t sing, I’ll sit it out’ – Frodd

Reeling from a disappointing Wager loss last week, Esther as HoH was determined to make sure her reign was a successful one. Sitting on her throne as her subjects rehearsed, and desperately wanting to present Biggie with a perfect Presentation, Esther had to find a way of telling Frodd he had to sit the singing out as he was out of tune. We hail the kind queen for dropping this blow subtly!

Reeling from four rejections, Frodd went to calm his nerves with a cigarette. While venting with Ike and Jackye about Esther’s long list of rejections, Frodd’s unbreakable heart came to the conclusion that it still beats for Esther, the queen of his heart.

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