Day 18: Biggie's delicious reward!

09 February 2017
After completely slaying this afternoon's task Biggie has a special treat for the winning team.

After blazing through the pyramid buidling task and beating out team red, Gifty, Efe, ThinTallTony, Bassey, TBoss and CoCoIce won themselves a delicious meal courtesy of Big Brother. The Housemates chorused "Thank you Big Brother!" after hearing the news again before Biggie let them know that they had the option to share their meal with the losing team if they wanted. However, there was to be no more cooking until supper. "Find pleasure in the bare neccessities of life!" Biggie joked.  

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The good news didn't last long though. Biggie then asked why the Housemates weren't wearing their onesies which was met by gasps and blank stares from everyone. "I thought it was only for yesterday?" Uriel protested. It was all in vain though as Biggie reminded them that their wager was at risk and that they should also prepare for a gyration tonight.

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It remains to be seen whether the Housemates will be keen to spend more time in their onesies after being joined at the hip all day yesterday! Watching them gyrate and sing their hearts out like they've been doing all afternoon will certainly be fun but having them do it looking like "gaint teletubbies" should make things so much more interesting.

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