Day 17: Something to wear and share!

08 February 2017
Biggie still wants the Housemates to get to know each other better.

On Monday Biggie gave Captain Efe a secret task to unite the Housemates during the course of the week,a much needed directive after all the drama that had unfolded so far. To help him along Biggie decided to create cute onesies that our Housemates were to wear and share for the rest of the day. We asked who you wanted to see paired up for the following task. We also asked you to come up with a name for the couple. Now you know what Biggie was planning all along.

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You all came up with some really awesome suggestions and now the Housemates had to do as you said and only address each other using the name you decided for the rest of the day.

Bally and Uriel - Bariel

TBoss abd Bassey - TBass

Marvis and Efe - Marfe

Tony and Bisola - Tobis

Kemen and CoCoIce - CoComen

Gifty and Debie-Rise - Gibbie

The Housemates thought the onesies were cute and immediately started joking about looking like Teletubies and singing the theme song. Will they still be this excited after being joined at the hip all day? Only time will tell. Which couple do think is going to have the hardest/best time today? Sound off in the comments below.

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