Day 15: Mixed Emotions

15 July 2019
Mixed emotions trailed the exit of KimOprah and Ella.

For the second week in a row, two more Housemates have been Evicted from the Pepper Dem House. Ella and KimOprah's Eviction brings to a total of four Evicted Housemates from the House. While the Eviction was expected, some of the missed emotions that trailed the Eviction did catch us by surprise.

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

One, in particular, that had the internet buzzing was the sight of a visibly grief-stricken Gedoni who was bent over in tears - with Khafi comforting him shortly after KimOprah made her way out of the House. It’s hard to tell why he had such a teary show of emotion or what he and KimOprah got going, but the internet had its theory.

A few thought it had to do with matters of the heart and Gedoni's heart might be somewhere else, other than with Khafi.

Based on that fear, they were quick to offer Khafi their advice:

Mercy Wins

Ella’s exit from the Pepper Dem also caused an uproar but not entirely in the way that we thought.

Turns out people were beginning to worry about her coming in between Ike and Mercy’s smooth relationship.

Fake Perhaps?

Maybe it was the fact that the Pepper Dem gang had lost four Housemates in just two weeks, or perhaps there were still in shock, but a couple of them felt the Evictions were fake and by some magical twist, Biggie was going to bring back some of the Evicted Housemates. “I think they are going to come back,” Khafi expressed to Tuoyo, who shared her thoughts too. Naija wasn’t having it though as they came to clear their doubts.

A lot of emotions poured in, but one thing was clear to see - a lot of people lost their favourite Housemates and they couldn’t hide the hurt.

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