Day 15: Every ship needs a Captain

06 February 2017
It's a new week, and a new head of House needs to be Elected. The new HoH will be referred to as Captain
el capitano

After last night’s Evictions, Biggie informed the Housemates that a new Head of House will be elected today. The Task for this week will test the Housemates’ skills and determination levels, and the winner will be the new Head of House; to be referred to as CAPTAIN.

The Task entailed the Housemates picking up oranges with their knees from the starting point and walking a distance to drop them into a hoop. The oranges may not be touched with their hands, and the only time hands may be employed is if the oranges are dropped before the finish point. Then the Housemates must pick it up, return to the starting point, and continue the race.

34 task line up 004 pre

The race began with the sound of the buzzer and each Housemate got 10 oranges to get across to the hoop on the other side of the Arena. Bally shot straight into the lead, with Kemen picking up pace behind him. 

34 tl2 004 pre

A small miscalculation on his part and Efe and Kemen caught up to him.

34 tl3 004 pre

With the other Housemates hopping hard and fast across the race track, Efe dropped his last orange into his hoop and collapsed into a heap at the finish line. Seemed he had finished about the same time as Kemen, and all the Housemates had to wait for the final verdict from Big Brother.

34 tl6 004 pre

With the race completed, Biggie asked the Housemates to stand behind their hoops for the results. Biggie awards the race to Efe and instructs the other Housemates that Efe shall now be referred to as Captain Efe.

34 captain 004 pre

Congratulations Captain Efe. 


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