Day 15: Esther Sits On The HoH Throne

15 July 2019
In today’s Head of House Task, Esther proved her strength in memorization.

Biggie challenged the Pepper Dem Housemates to a simple memory challenge. Or was it simple?

To begin, the Housemates were given 20 minutes to find the 30 number cards Big Brother’s Ninjas placed in random locations in the House. They were to memorize the number on each card and the cards corresponding location. One rule – they were not allowed to touch the cards. Easy right? Well, that should be easy for the prize of immunity from Nominations.

The Strength in Our Numbers

At the sound of the buzzer, the Pepper Dem gang got invited into the Arena for the second part of the Head of House challenge - the memory test. As they strolled into the Arena, the Housemates seemed confident as they silently crammed the numbers they had memorized.

Trust Biggie to pull some pranks as he launched today’s challenge with a little musical interlude. In his words, “Nothing like a little dance exercise to loosen up”. Distractions possibly?

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The Fault in Our Memories

The first 2 minutes were blissful for the Housemates as they successfully got through the HoH race. The communal joy was cut short when Mercy was excused from the Arena, as the first Housemate to lose the chance of becoming Head of House.

Alongside, Tacha, Frodd, Diane, Jeff and Mike followed suit. Do we reckon numbers are harder to memorize than alphabets, perhaps?

Every Task has some disqualifiers – Jeff, Mike, Ike and Tuoyo got escorted from the Arena for offending Big Brother and violating his rules.

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The Mnemonists and The Nemos

To separate the number geniuses from the…you know, Biggie gave the last six (wo)men standing in the Task a warmer challenge. He read out four locations and instructed them to write them in the order that they were listed.

Ike, Seyi, Jackye, Gedoni and Omashola were isolated from Esther for their lack of guessing the exact locations correctly. As Esther read out what she had memorized, it was evident she came into the Arena ready for any hurdle Biggie had in store for her.

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Esther left the Arena with congratulatory messages from the Housemates, as she left with the HoH crown and 250 Bet9ja Coins in her pockets. In her words, “To the women, we did it!”.

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