Day 14: Eviction Vibes

14 July 2019
The Eviction fever has helped us reveal quite a lot about some of the Housemates.

After their zanku and shaku shaku jerks at the party yesterday evening, the Housemates woke up late this morning. Nelson was the first to get up, of course, an HoH has to set the pace. Diane was a little reluctant to get out of bed, as she soon went back to sleep after waking up.

No Workout

For waking up late, the Housemates didn’t think it necessary to work out this morning. Besides, it's the weekend. For some of them, the first thing they did was tidy up the environment. Khafi was seen holding a mop stick praying. Guess what her prayer point was. She was thanking God for not letting her succumb to her weaknesses. With the little we’ve seen between Khafi and Gedoni so far, it’d be natural to say that our lovely Khafi was referring to Gedoni.

1563110060 34 am khafi


Darling Housemates

After their morning routine, the five Housemates up Eviction were called to the garden where Darling and Mega Growth gave them a ravishing look. They are all looking lovely in their new hairstyles. Despite their beautiful transformation, they all seemed to have a lot going through their minds. Is it the Eviction?

The Real Player

Jackye went to Ike for a gist regarding the fire that sparked between Ella and Mercy yesterday. What we got from Ike was a shocker. Though said playfully, Ike was bold to say that he had earlier told Ella that he was already with Mercy. Now here’s the twist: he added that if Mercy eventually leaves, Ella stands a chance of having him all to herself.

As some of them go home today, what peppery moments do we expect in the coming days?

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