Day 14: Couples Consultation

11 February 2018
The pairs have their own personal conversations about the "Evictions" tonight and strategies going forward.

Tonight will be the first time the Housemate's face "Eviction" and it's no surprise that the pairs all have their own theories and strategies about how things will pan out.


Alex has been very emotional lately, last night she was crying over the prospect that someone will be going home tonight. This was definitely not alcohol fuelled as her tears flowed well into today. Leo has been there trying to help her every step of the way but it is obvious that her tears are a result of the fact that she nominated Khloe and the two have become noticeably close recently. Looking visibly stressed this morning in the garden, Alex told Leo that she thinks it is strange how so many people are starting to be nice to her lately.


Princess has been very vocal about the fact that she is into Miracle and this morning, her and partner Bitto lay into Nina about her relationship with him. Even though Nina stated that they have an agreement and that she has a boyfriend outside the House. Nina said they are just “friends”. Bitto and Princess made light work of destroying her comment. Is this all part of a strategy or are Prito burning bridges?


Vandora and Dee-One have become quite the understated power couple in the House, they are both smart in the way that they have managed to fly under the radar and stay on a good vibe with most of the Housemates. As the pair have not been nominated, they spent some time this afternoon dissecting the current situation. Vandora told her partner that she thinks it is funny how most of the Housemates do not think she is smart and this works to her advantage. They both came to the conclusion that Leo is in fact the actual player in the House and is making moves on many of the ladies. Dee-One expresses that he does not think Tobi is strategic enough in his moves and he thinks that Cee-C has a huge influence over him.


After a rocky week of ups and downs, both Teddy A and BamBam looked really loved up this afternoon on the couch. Laying on each other, holding each other and being super affectionate. What is Teddy A playing at here? BamBam also knows where he stands with her emotionally so could she be going with the flow because of audience appeal?


The royal couple of the House have garnered mixed feelings from many of the Housemates. Obviously they are not “Nominated” tonight but in a conversation this afternoon, Cee-C blatantly tells the HoH that he is not who she thought he was.

The Housemates are going to be shook tonight when they find out that no one is actually leaving, who do you think the next BB Naija power couple will be?

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