Day 14: An emotional night for our Housemates

05 February 2017
Two Housemates left the House tonight and it's left everyone reeling.

Ebuka beamed into the House to find out how the two newest Housemates were holding up after their first week. Bassey said that he'd fit in and when pressed about crush on TBoss he said he wasn't kidding when he called her attractive during Truth or Dare. He did add however that "every lady" in the House was "beautiful in their own right!" Debie-Rise on the other hand joked about the irony of pranking the Housemates by pretending to faint and then being made the joker of the House for a whole week.

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After all the banter about "exchanging body fluids" in x-rated party games Ebuka asked the nominated Housemates to stand and things immediately got real. One by one Ebuka called out the names of all three nominees and asked them to leave the Big Brother House. Complete hysteria ensued as the Housemates thought everyone nominated was being evicted! Gifty broke down in tears of shock, falling to the ground and screaming. Everyone esle, huddled around Efe, Miyonse and Soma to hug them goodbye.

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Needless to say, Biggie really threw the Housemates a curveball because while all this chaos was taking place the three nominated, gentlemen were sitting in the arena waiting to learn their fate.

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Ultimately, it was Soma and Miyonse who were evicted tonight and both of them looked quite sullen and hurt that they'd lost their shot at winning 25 Million Naira. Meanwhile, Efe sat in the arena unaware of his fate and while it must have been an excrutiating wait. It all came to an end when Biggie sent the Housemates to go check on him and be reunited.

Tboss and Gifty, who still seemed quite confused after Biggie's trick, looked around desperately to catch a glimpse of Miyonse and Soma but they were nowhere to be found.

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Tomorrow evening it all begins again as the Housemates nominate one another for eviction. Game on!

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